From this window that is the website of the Brotherhood and Brotherhood Board of Holy Week in Alzira, I wish to greet all those people who are interested in one of the cultural, festive and religious manifestations that in their own right and since ancient times, They constitute one of the most important hallmarks of our people.

The Holy Week in Alzira, declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest in 1988, has its roots in medieval times, although it reached notoriety in the modern age and a great relevance later, already in the eighteenth century, with the appearance of most of the current brotherhoods, which would process their titular steps through the streets and squares of the town, and still another period, equally important, already after the Civil War and at the end of the twentieth century, in full democracy, when new associations and brotherhoods would be constituted . At present there are 18 brotherhoods and brotherhoods that take 25 steps to the street, some of them true works of art, made by imagers such as Antonio Ballester, Octavio Vicent, Antonio Rodilla, etc ...

On the whole the Holy Week of Alzira has acquired a considerable dimension, to the end of having become along with the Fallas in the most important festive manifestation of how many annually the city celebrates.

There are thousands of alzireñas and alzireños who participate in the party and in the activities that are organized throughout the year, grouped around the different brotherhoods and brotherhoods. These activities culminate in the Passion Week when the transfers are carried out, the Via-Crucis, when the canopies are opened to the public and, of course, with the great General Procession of the Holy Burial, unique by the number of participants, by the color of the vestas, for the art that parades before the eyes of own and strangers, for the music and for the people that it attracts.

Previously, on Friday of Dolores, the meeting of the processional steps of two of our most traditional brotherhoods - that of the Devallament de la Creu and that of the Dolorosa - takes place in the “Nit de les miradetes” and the act of the traditional Pregón which, as a prelude to the celebrations, announces the parties and invites to participate in them.

On Easter days, particularly at night, the streets of Alzira become a hotbed of people coming from the towns and cities of the region and even from the province, to admire those works of art that are canopies, teaches Party.

The greatness of our celebrations is possible thanks to the work, effort and determination of those who work and get involved from the different brotherhoods and brotherhoods and from the Board that brings them all together, and also, to the efforts of the people of Alzireño and Alzireños who, Picking up the torch of their ancestors, they continue to engage and value a tradition bequeathed from parents to children.

Knowing and spreading the party, making it a participant to those who are interested in it and continuing to make it great is one of the objectives that are marked by those who are linked to it. From the City Council we value and support those initiatives that benefit our city and its people.

As mayor, on behalf of the Municipal Corporation, I encourage you to visit Alzira during Holy Week, to enjoy the atmosphere that is felt in the city at that time, to share with us intense moments around celebrations that, Surely, they will leave a deep mark on you, since you also make the city yours.

A warm greeting.

Diego Gómez

Mayor of Alzira

I want to welcome you to this, our website of the Holy Week in Algeria, approaching you to celebrations that have news dated in 1539.

Here you will find all the characteristics and peculiarities of a Holy Week lived with solemnity and devotion, which was declared as a Festival of National Tourist Interest in 1988.

Our more than 7000 brotherhoods belonging to the 18 Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods, with 25 processional steps, make the solemn procession of the Holy Burial be followed by more than 50,000 people among our fellow citizens and people from many different towns of our geography. It highlights the curiosity of a unique parade that mixes the majesty of our steps, the austere parade of the penitential sections, the traditional cast of candies and candies of thousands of brothers and brothers; and the accompaniment of the drums, timbales and drums bands, along with the music bands.

In addition to the aforementioned procession, you can find the Pregón, which announces the start of the Senior Week, Transfers, Via-Crucis, Encounters, Touch of Silence, Palm Sunday Procession, with the living representation of the Entry of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem , and our unique Doseles (visited by thousands of people, Wednesday nights and Holy Thursday); a whole series of attractive reasons to approach our city to live it intensely with the alzireños.

Also highlight our Day of Exaltation of the Drum and the Bombo of the city of Alzira or Local Tamborada, declared a Site of Intangible Cultural Interest by the Generalitat Valenciana in January 2012.

Finally, from these lines invite you to come to our city on the days of our Senior Week, especially Wednesday, Thursday or Good Friday to live it intensely as one of us.

Vicente R. Pascual Fábregues

President of the JHHCC


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