Many is the gastronomic tradition that dates of Easter are made in the villages and towns of the Ribera. The meals and desserts are based on diets that eliminate meat and animal derivatives of respect for Lent. In Alzira, especially, include dishes that have passed from generation to generation and here, thanks to the collaboration of the Association Tyrius, we have recovered. The mostramos, after, some of the entrees and desserts that you can enjoy a magnificent Alzireño menu.



½ kg. Cod.
½ kg. Potato.
2 eggs.
pine nuts and parsley.
DEVELOPMENT: The cod is cut into pieces and is soaked overnight. Boil the potatoes and when they are half cooked cod is added, drain and chop everything in the mortar. In a pan with a little oil, a striped fry onions, transparent when we add a little sweet pimetón, He joined the cod and potatoes chopped, Sprocket, chopped parsley and yolks ( clear reserve spreads meatballs before frying). Knead all well and meatballs are made to taste, round or elongated



Pieces of previously desalted cod.
Green peas
Hard boiled eggs.
DEVELOPMENT: Cod meal passes, fry and put in a crockpot. Clean artichokes and sauté items are also quartered, Beans, peas, a little scratched chives; a teaspoon of paprika is added and everything to the pan with a little water is simmering. A ready to serve cod dumplings and boiled eggs are added to quarters.



DEVELOPMENT: We will make an omelet that we stay chubby, we tortilla adding the beaten eggs some milk and flour( the amount as large us to go make the tortilla.).
In a casserole, oil will fry some potatoes cut into pieces and a striped onion, add a tablespoon of paprika and water and let simmer. When the potatoes are already almost cooked add the chopped almonds, garlic and parsley and sliced ​​tortilla pictures. Keep over low heat about 5 minutes and ready to eat.



150 gr. Chickpeas soaked in the night before.
100 gr. Corinthian raisins or normal by removing the kernels and put to soak 2 hours.
A potato.
A head of garlic.
400 gr. Rice
Caldo y aceite.
DEVELOPMENT: In a saucepan with 1 liter of water Boil the chickpeas with salt, saffron and paprika; are left to boil until cooked.
In a pan put oil, fry potatoes sliced, then head of garlic which have done a cut around; a teaspoon of paprika is added, removed and incorporated rice, all moved to a casserole dish into which we will have raisins in the bottom to prevent burning, add the broth, rice double; Chickpeas; add salt and baked.


Cauliflower Paella, GARLIC SHOOTS AND COD

DEVELOPMENT: The paella, oil gets chopped and fried cod and desalting, also chopped cauliflower and garlic also cut up into pieces, a teaspoon of paprika and water is incorporated. When we see that everything is cooked rice is put, saffron and salt to taste. Is cooked first 10 minutes over high heat and 10 the remaining half. The important thing is cooking paella rice, so it does not happen to us, if we see that we have too much broth will increase the fire and if it is the other cover with lid or a damp cloth.



DEVELOPMENT: It is chopped and put to cook a pumpkin, when it is cooked , a cloth bag is drained at least overnight.
It takes away the skin with a wooden fork crushed, is weighed and added an equal weight of sugar, mix well and cook for 15 minutes without stopping to move. In a pan is placed in a pyramid and decorate with blanched almonds and pine nuts and gets baked for 10 minutes.