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Alzira is a city located in the region of Ribera, in the province of Valencia. This region gets its name from being formed along the river Xuquer. Also, Current land policy in distribution, distinguishes between Ribera Alta and Ribera Baja, the first located in the upper bank of the river and the second, understood by the lower areas and the river mouth.


mapaThe High Bank has an extension of 841.87 km2 and a total population estimated around 300.000. Alzira is the administrative capital of this region and its term exceeds the extent of 111'46 km2. The municipality borders the Alzira Guadasuar, Alzira and North Poliñá; Taverns, Benifairó, Simat y Carcaixent al Sur; Corbera, Llaurí and Favareta east and Benimuslem, Alberic y Massalavés al Oeste.

Alzira account, present day, more than 41.083 people. Township, located between the 14-20 m. above sea level, lies between the meridians 10 3rd′ y 3º 23′ west longitude and the parallel 39 ° 4′ y 39º 11′ north latitude.

The population center, is mostly to the right of the river and form a central core and modern (Júcar old bed and Barcheta and old suburb of St. Augustine); the old (la Villa), and neighborhoods Barracks (old suburb of Santa Maria), the Alquerieta, the Montañeta, the Torrechó, the Garrofera and an annex: Barraca de Aguas Vivas.

Orographically stand saws Corbera, Murta and Needles, among which the valleys are arranged Murta, Casella and the Living Waters, with maximum heights in Tallat Roig (394 m.), Cardinal Cross (543 m.), the donkey's ears (592 m.) y la Ratlla (625 m.).
The climate is typically Mediterranean, smooth and mild, usually without extreme temperatures or winter or summer. Rain is scarce and irregular, as periods of severe drought followed torrential rains.

It has excellent communications, making it easy to access from any direction. They cross the border of North and South Highway Valencia Xativa, which leaves a branch to Favareta, and Valencia-Almansa Railroad. From east to west highway passes Tabernes Valldigna to Líria by Chiva.


Explotación de naranja en el termino municipal

Alzira, economically, presents a balance between the three productive sectors. Agriculture was, until recently, The most important activity, where the highlighted orange cultivation, which is no news as Agromercantil factor in the sixteenth century. In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century began to be intensively cultivated, and with primitive plantations, corresponding to the variety “common”, other as they left the “navel”, “Blood”, “verna” etc. Its 62.000 the hanegadas that within Alzira dedicated to citrus, term that ranks first in the whole country; Alzira so is known as “the birthplace of Orange”. Besides citrus, garden crops are traditional. Industry, developed dramatically from year 60 and as a result of the agrarian crisis, has major factories engaged in poultry production, ice, role, dyes, Hilaturas, cartons, construction, furniture, print, drinks and a subsidiary industry of agricultural production. Finally, The service sector is the result of two, and parallel development is manifested in the number of bank offices, agencies, Dealers, I officialdom, trade, etc.