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The celebration of Easter is of Alzira extraordinary features and their importance has been recognized to have been granted the title of National Tourist Interest 1988. The tradition of these celebrations is witnessed in the city archives and in the sixteenth century.


procesion3In medieval times and own feasts of the Passion and Death of Christ were celebrated with great splendor. The foundation of a chapel, called “Blood”, self-centered worship. In this the first of the fraternities was founded (of the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ or the Virgin of Solitude).

Subsequently, over four centuries, in a continuous process, was increased the number of guilds and brotherhoods to reach this stage where various guilds were reorganized and new ones were formed: Santa Faz, Holy Expolio, Arrest of the Lord, Christ of the agonized, Crown of Thorns and sacrament, to today, they have founded new guilds, the most recent of the Holy Chalice, Mary Mother, St. Mary Magdalen Road Sepulchre of the Lord and a step that brings to the Board of Guilds: la Santa Cruz. At present they are 18 The Brotherhoods, with 25 steps and the approximate share of more than 7000 brothers.
The imagery remains, and general, a uniform aesthetic and postwar, works of Antonio Ballester, Carmelo Vicent, Knee Rabasa and Antonio Royo, Rausell y Llorens, and Gaspar Pérez and, inter alia.
The celebration of Holy Week in Alzira has transcended the purely local. Proof of this is that the party was declared 1988 as of National Touristic Interest and it, among other things, for tradition that has among the villagers of the region and even the province. They have contributed to it various factors among which worth mentioning the recovery of the Proclamation, in the early 80, act on the city's prestigious personalities of the religious sphere, social and cultural. Other features of the celebration are alzireña Canopies, arrangements, ornamental motifs of Images own scenes that characterize each of the Steps, ornaments of the Images of the Passion in which imagination and art overflows, all intended to exalt the sculpture and moving piety visitors. You too, features processions of the city, make it different and unique in the region this Easter Alzireña.

tambor1Passover commemorates Alzira with typical rustic days. Mountains and nearby residential areas of the city (The Box, the Murta, The Hut, the Montañeta, the developments of Respirall, San Bernardo and Oven Carrascosa, inter alia) and orchards are crowded youth and adults who still fly kites and, between games and songs, eat the “mona”. The third Sunday in May takes place at the Marian shrine of the Savior Montañeta the offering of flowers and fruits to the patron saint of the City, the Virgen del Lluch. June, usually the first Sunday of the month, Popular pilgrimage is celebrated in the ruins of the monastery of the Murta. The historic monastery that housed the Jeromes parents is evoked by alzireños who delight in a full day picnic. Mass is also held in honor of St. Mary of the Murta. Your image presides over all the meetings and during the traditional Mass is distributed blessed bread. By nightfall, pilgrims returning to town.