What is the Board?

The BOARD brotherhoods groups the 18 brotherhoods and the Brotherhood of Holy Week Alzira. Its aim is to coordinate all public events organized on the occasion of the celebration of Holy Week, encourage all Brotherhoods to live a fraternal spirit among all its members and keep the tradition of the celebrations of Easter alive.


- The General Assembly. Composed of two representatives from each the Brotherhood Brotherhood, appointed by each of them. All representatives have a voice, but one vote for each of the brotherhoods. It is essential that there is a spiritual director and a representative of the City Council, voice, but since vote. Elects President, management knows and approves of the Board. Reviews and approves the statement. Decide on how many issues he raises Board, etc.

- The Board. Represents the Board. Executes Agreements, organizes activities, preparing the annual report and annual plans. Administers funds. Create the working committees who believes necessary. The Articles were adopted on 18 February 1991 and canonically approved by the Archbishop of Valencia 1 March 1991.

A part of the Statute there is a Internal Regulations, approved 11 November 1991, which has expanded after, to help the perfect fulfillment of the Statutes. This Regulation various more specific aspects and specific issues that are not determined in the Articles are ordered.