Many processions and movements that are performed every day of Passion, but note, their characteristics and so multitudinous, the colorful procession Palm Sunday, accompanied by the living representation of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, the Procession of Silence held on the morning of Good Friday, that images of the Nazarene and the Solitude of the parish of La Encarnación is procesionan, and the General Procession of the Holy Burial, that day at sunset, when they go out 24 step sequences showing us the highlights of the Passion, courtship is admired by most of 40.000 people who most penitent given away with candy and sweets.

Palm Sunday

At 11:30 hours, concentration and faithful brothers in the Plaza Primero de Mayo. At 11:40 hours, Blessing and Procession of Palms with the representation of the Entry into Jerusalem, by Orchard Friars, Plaza Mayor, Post, Mayor Santa Catalina ending in Constitucion.


At 20:45 hours; concentration home of the Major Clavarios of Alzira D. José Ignacio Ríos Aranda y Dª Rosana Ana Peris Catoira. At 22:00 Moving hours SANTA CRUZ Board of brotherhoods that starting from the Registered Office of the Board, Calle Mayor in Santa Maria, tour the following schedule: Santa Lucia, San Roque, Constitucion, Mayo Santa Catalina, Faustino Blasco, Casalicios, Calderon de la Barca, Plaza Mayor, Perez Galdos, Catholic Monarchs, Orchard Friars, Plaza Mayor, Correos a calle Santa Teresa nº 24, where it will be installed your Dosel. They are invited all brothers alzireños.

Traslado Santa Cruz 2019

Holy burial

This last procession, General Procession, has established a route which crosses the city from north to south. The journey usually takes place in just over five hours after the march begins the first step, until the latter reaches the Church of the Virgin del Lluch. The route, traditionally, starts in Piazza Santa Maria and runs through the streets Santa Maria Maggiore, Santa Llúcia, Sant Roc, Constitution Square, Mayo Santa Catalina, Faustino Blasco, Casalicios, Calderon de la Barca, Plaza Mayor (center), Benito Perez Galdos, Catholic Monarchs, Doctor Ferrán, ave. Jose. Paul 'Margantoni', Peter Esplugues and finally, Parish of Our Lady Lluch.