The canopies of the brotherhoods Alzireñas are fully identifying trait of our Easter, after not found in other nearby cities, forthcoming events except our canopies in some, such as "arrangements" de Alberic.

fdosel3Starting from the original conception of the canopy, as simple ornamentation performed by devotees to a particular image Clavarios, consistent in the draping of the best tea house sometimes complemented with floral motifs, have come along in recent years to recreating certain scenes of the Passion, granting looking as realistic as possible. The canopies of both modalities are highly appreciated by all and sundry, that in its passing through the streets of our city stop to admire, along the entire Holy Week, these works year after year arouse admiration and expectation, that binds to a feeling of veneration by all believers, which are thereby imbuing go under the Passion, which will reach its culmination in the afternoon and evening of Good Friday, with the Procession of the Holy Burial.

fdosel2You may also feel the existence among brothers brothers of a rivalry, yes, to you, because the canopy is the best of all, which also comes from years ago, thus was instituted from 1963 Award for Best Canopy City, involving the display of a Standard, made for this purpose, during Holy Burial Procession, which had to be returned the following year, situation would continue until 1967, their remaining time in approving property in the hands of the Brotherhood or Brotherhood who obtuviese each year, and coming to assume, since the time of its establishment, the recognition of an artistic work, since then it has been continuously developing.

Determine which is the best Canopy has always been a controversial issue, by the preferences of each, reason we have changed the criteria for the selection of the jury, and so, at a certain point it consisted of a number of members, I experienced constant variations, Coordinating Board of the then Holy Week, up to composition by all members. Evidenced the inadequacy of these measures, the new Board of brotherhoods Easter set a jury of only three members, which has been shaping up today, that is composed of seven persons appointed directly to avoid making public his appointment, and they are even presented together, to thereby obtain independent valuations, based on their personal opinions, so the extent of their knowledge of our Holy Week and their artistic taste is also considered at the time of his appointment. Undeniably it fails to please all, because we always have our own preferences, so it continues incessantly outlining the system of choice, trying to avoid disagreements.

fdoselPresent day, ten Brotherhoods focus, the forty-eight first prizes awarded, and three, Our Lady of Solitude, Our Lady of Sorrows, and Jesus of Nazareth and Our Lady of Suffrage, half thereof. Here it should be noted that some fraternities, of particular, they are the Knights of Christ Crucified in Agony, and Mother Mary, not participate in the assembly of canopies, because their images remain exposed throughout the year to popular devotion in their respective Parish Church. And there have been years that have not been assessed to some, when delivering the Prize, pursuant to the countermeasures as provided by statute or by prior arrangements, prevailing at that particular time, although they have no relevance today.

Certainly the canopies are an integrating element for all of us, while reaffirming our idiosyncrasies within our brotherhoods, so long as they continue to progress will be considered by those who know them from their insides, as an essential element of the Easter alzireña.

(* In the photos in this section, various stages of the building of the one canopy. In the last picture, final outcome.)

Clavarios y ubicación Doseles 2019

Plano ubicaciones doseles 2019 1.- Santa Rafting: C/Doctor Fleming, No. 22 Clavarios: Hno. Joaquín Tortosa Gómez Hna. Ana Tortosa Cutanda Hno. Ximo Tortosa Cutanda Hno. Francis Tortosa Cutanda Hno. José Tortosa Cutanda Hna. Vanessa Tortosa Cutanda 2.-Holy Cáliz: C/Pintor Parra, No. 22 Clavarios: The Brotherhood 3.- Jesus' prayer in the Garden: C/ Doctor Just, No. 8 Clavarios: The Brotherhood 4.- Arrest of Lord and Lady of Hope: C/ Mestre Serrano, No. 15 Clavarios: La Sección Penitencial 5.- Christ at the Column: C / Canon Cervera, No. 17 Clavarios: The Brotherhood 6.- Crown of Thorns: C/ Cullera nº 12 Clavarios: The Brotherhood 7.- Blessed Ecce Homo: Plaça La Sang/ Pasaje de la Muralla Clavarios: D. Sergio Tudela Chordá Y Dña. María Antonia Presencia Colom 8.- Jesus of Nazareth and Nuestra Señora Suffrage: C/ Colón, No. 18 Clavarios: D. Lluís Mocholí Deltell y Dña. Charo García Gallart 9.- Santa Faz: C/ Rey Don Jaime n.º 4 Clavarios: The Board 10.- Spoliation and Holy Virgin of Forgiveness: C/ Mayor San Agustín, No. 34 Clavarios: The Brotherhood 11.- Crucifixion of Jesus on the Cross: C/ Norte, No. 4 Clavarios: The Brotherhood 12.- Descent from the Cross: C / Velázquez, No. 8 Clavarios: Juan Carlos Cuenca Alós y María Dolores Escolá Ferrer 13.- Our Lady of Sorrows: C/ Purísima, No. 22 Clavarios: The Royal Brotherhood 14.- Santa María Magdalena: C/ Hernán Cortés, No. 54 Clavarios: Juan Sayol .- Our Lady of Tears: C/Doctor Ferrán, 39 15.- Holy Sepulcher: C/ Notario Bonet, No. 21 Clavarios: The Brotherhood 16.- Virgen de la Soledad y la Preciosísima Sangre de N.S.J.C: square Germanies. Clavarios: Familia Marcilla-Boluda 17.- Santa Cruz: C/ Santa Teresa, No. 24 Older Clavarios Alzira: D. José Ignacio Ríos Aranda y Dñª. Rosa Ana Peris Catoira 18.- Dead Christ crucified on the cross, "Pas del Poble": C / Major Major Santamaria, No. 60

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